SteemMakers' trail

Support by voting

One of the ways in which we aim to support DIYers and makers is by upvoting outstanding content that may otherwise go unnoticed. We do this because of several reasons:

Curation trail

In the steem ecosystem a curation trail is a common concept. Not everybody has the same amount of time or level of engagement to put their available steem power to good use. That doesn't necessarily mean they don't believe in the platform and don't want it to succeed. Services exist that offer the possibility to automatically vote similarly to the trail you follow. There are several options to set the voting percentage but basically it means you can automatically vote for the same blog posts the SteemMakers community account votes for.

This creates a win-win situation. The content-creators get more votes meaning more visibility and rewards. The investors will still be actively voting and keep the ecosystem of Steem and SteemDollar flowing while at the same time receiving curation rewards they would otherwise not get. You could even say its a win-win-win with the last one being the Steem platform and its future.

How to follow the SteemMakers trail

Since streemian shut down the most popular and trusted service is [steemauto]( We set up a SteemMakers trail for you to follow. These steps describe how you can follow. The first step is to register an account on steemauto. This is a two-step process. First you need to register give some details, the transfer a small amount and then complete the registration. The first step: enter a username, email address and password. Note that this is not your Steem password.

After pressing the register button you'll get a message stating to Send 0.001 SBD to @steemauto with a memo.

Leave the steemauto tab open in your browser, open a new tab and log in on your account. Go to your wallet,click on the down arrow next to your Steem Dollars and select transfer.

Next you will be presented the transfer form. Be sure to enter the correct data and the memo you got, not the one int the image.

Have a little patience for the transaction to be processed and go back to the steemauto registration tab. The previous filled in data should still be there. Now click the register button once more. You should end up with a success message.

Now use the right side of the form to log in with the username and password you used to register.

Once logged in you will be requested to give steemauto posting authorization. For steemauto to vote in your place it needs to be given the rights to do so. This does not require you to pass over any of your keys and is completely reversible. [Steemconnect]( is a collaborative effort of Steemit Inc and Busy and is the best known service for this. You can find more info on their site and in [this announcement article](

Always keep an eye on the address bar, be sure to be on a secure connection to the correct address.

You will then be presented with a form requesting your username and password. You need to provide your steem username and password here. Note that your password won't be stored, you only give steemauto the authority to vote in your place. You should be redirected back to steemauto and get the following options:

Choose curation trail. You will be presented a big list of trails to follow. Find the steemmakers trail and click follow.

You are now following the SteemMakers trail. Thank you for supporting our community. In the settings you can change parameters such as the delay and at which voting power percentage you wish to vote.